Boarding Conditions

General Boarding Conditions

Please read the boarding conditions carefully.


Passengers as well as vehicles should be at the port at least 1 hour before the scheduled departure time of the ship. Priority boarding is given to passengers and the order of priority for vehicles is determined by the applicable port regulations of the respective port authority in the loading area. All passengers must have a ticket and carry all necessary valid travel documents upon boarding the ship. The company has the right not to allow entry to a passenger who does not carry the necessary travel documents. Priority is given to People with Special Needs, Pregnant Women, Infants and Children. Passengers, baggage, cargo and vehicles are carried in accordance with the Carrier’s Terms and Conditions. By purchasing the ticket, passengers automatically accept the Terms and Conditions and automatically authorize the processing of their personal data as defined in the Company’s Privacy Policy, in accordance with the EU Regulation. of 2018.
Τicket checks by the ship’s officers are carried out during the journey where passengers will have to show their tickets and, in case of discounts, the necessary supporting documents.


It is forbidden to use the lounges for placing luggage and sleeping. Smoking is prohibited in all closed common areas and in ship cabins in accordance with Law 3730.


When issuing a ticket, the type of disability must be declared (loss of sight, difficulty in movement, etc.). There are designated spaces and concessions to accommodate passengers with special needs. The same terms and conditions apply to these passengers. Also a member of the crew has been appointed on the ship to facilitate and serve the forementioned passengers.


The driver of the vehicle must load and unload his vehicle following the instructions of the crew. The occupants of the vehicle must disembark from it before the vehicle enters the ship. During the trip, it is forbidden for passengers to stay in the vehicles and in the garage area. The entry, exit and stay of the vehicles inside the ship is the responsibility of the owners. No discount applies for unaccompanied vehicles.


Passengers and vehicles are not allowed to carry dangerous and harmful goods (eg explosives, weapons, drugs, etc.). Passengers can only carry small hand luggage with them, which cannot be placed on seats or aisles.

Baggage in excess of those mentioned above as well as those inside the vehicles must be delivered to the baggage delivery area with an additional cost and issuance of a relevant ticket.

In case of lost luggage, you can contact the Company within 24 hours of boarding the ship, having the ticket slip in your possession.

The company and the crew has no responsibility for loss or compensation.


Pets must be vaccinated and accompanied by an up-to-date health book/passport, which must be shown to the crew before entering the ship.

  • Small pets (<10 kg) carried in a cage can stay with their owners in specially designed areas on the ship’s deck. They are also not allowed to stay in or near places of health interest (bars, restaurants, etc.).
  • Uncaged pets must wear a leash and muzzle throughout the trip. They can be left alone in specially designed areas (pet cages) on the ship’s deck. They are not allowed to stay in the internal common areas, nor in or near places of health interest (bars, restaurants, etc.), except for their passage through stairs or corridors during their transport to and from the above specially designed areas.
  • Unaccompanied animals are not accepted.
  • Their owners or companions must remain with them throughout the trip.
  • Service animals (eg guides for people with vision loss), provided they are on a leash, can travel without a muzzled carrier, regardless of their size. Assistance dogs can accompany their owner in the passenger accommodation areas if they have relevant certificates.
  • The owners/owners of the pets must take care of their food and hygiene, and are responsible for bodily injuries or property damage caused by them and to third parties.

Relevant form to fill in for your issuance and boarding on the ship.

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS All passengers must have an ID or passport and, for children and students, an identity document in addition to their PASS. The ticket is for the person and vehicle listed on it and cannot be resold, transferred to a third party. Ticket prices are listed on the website in the Ticket Prices section. You can also contact our local partner agencies. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Permanent Residents of Kimolos100% discount. They issue a zero ticket on presentation of their card.
Children up to 4 years 100% discount. They issue a zero ticket (infant)
Children from 5 to 10 years50% discount
Large children 50% discount with presentation of their card.
Disabled50% discount (with a disability rate of more than 80%)
Disabled Person Vehicle50% discount
NAT Pensioners 50% discount by showing their card
Students 50% discount by showing their card (student PASS)


100%Cancellation up to 12 hours before departure.
100%Cancellation in case of non-execution of the itinerary.
50%Cancellation less than 12 hours before departure.
0%Cancellation after departure.
  • In case of illness proven in writing by a Public Hospital, then the ticket will be canceled 100%. For any cancellation a necessary condition is the presentation of the entire ticket stub. Ticket cancellation requests will not be accepted if the ticket has already been changed. No refunds will be made in case boarding is not accepted by local authorities or due to missing passenger/vehicle documents.


In case of loss of the tickets, the company must be informed before the departure of the ship, either by telephone or via e-mail, while the passenger’s declaration of responsibility for the loss must also be completed. In any case, new tickets must be issued and the fee paid for boarding the ship. If the ticket is lost, you must purchase a new one. The loss must then be reported in writing, stating the date and route of travel, the number of the lost ticket and also be accompanied by a photocopy of the new ticket.
At the end of the month after checking by the company, if it is found that the lost ticket did not travel or was not replaced, within one (1) month of the trip, the passenger is entitled to a free ticket of equal value to the lost one.


  • Passengers are responsible for compliance with Port, Health and Customs Regulations.
  • Passengers must comply with the instructions of the master and crew regarding the maintenance of order and the safety of the ship.
  • Passengers’ rights and obligations are governed by Regulation (EU) no. 1177/2010 of the European Parliament and the Council of November 24, 2010 and additionally with Law 3709/2008.
  • The Company has the right, after approval of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, when necessary, to replace the ship for which this ticket was issued, with another ship.
  • Itineraries, prices and travel conditions are subject to change without notice.
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